It’s One-Hit Wonder Wednesday! Each week, I’ll pick a one-hit wonder to stir nostalgia and make us all ask “what were people thinking?”

This week, I’m going waaaaaay back to 1965 and “You Were on My Mind” by We Five.

When I was a kid, my dad and sister used to listen to an AM radio station out of Cincinnati (WLW-AM) because they carried the Cincinnati Reds games. They played a lot of current pop songs and oldies but they also did “Hot Wax Weekend” each week where they played nothing but songs from the ’50s and ’60s all weekend. That’s where I first heard this song.

It really captures that mid-’60s mix of pop and folk. And it epitomizes that time’s optimism and upbeat atmosphere. Songs simply don’t sound like this anymore in popular music.

Check back next week for another One-Hit Wonder Wednesday!